Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Girlie Moment...

I'm not a huge fan of pink.  I don't mean the singer, I'm talking about the colour.  Maybe it's the backlash (still) of having been a Goth in full black gear for years, but I've never been one to don a whisper pink, cotton candy pink, or frothy carnation pink frock.  I have softened over time though.  I appreciate pink.  Some people look fabulous in it.  I'll even admit to fingering a pink article of clothing and thinking, 'Pretty.'  You just won't see me in it.

All that kind of went out the window when it came time to decide upon the Birthday Cupcakes for the Big Day.  I'm a little early.  The Big Day isn't until Sunday.  Yes...I'm a May Day Girl.  Since I am still obsessing over strawberries, I thought strawberry cupcakes would be fabulous.  Not run-of-the-mill, not over-the-top like last year's lavender lemon (though they rocked in my humble opinion).  Strawberry.  And buttercream...always buttercream.

So I made my cupcakes.  And I made my buttercream.  In addition to thinking, 'yummy,' 'OMG, that's just so wrong!' and 'Mmmmm....butter!'...I also thought, 'Pretty.'

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  1. Oh they are very pretty!! and how strange that I find myself wearing pink...even coral, periwinkle and sea green too! ...and strangely too, I get many compliments when I wear "bright"!!