Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Note Swap

I love food.  I love art.  How cool is it to have the opportunity to bring the two together in a medium that has to fit in an envelope?  That's the objective of the Art House Co-op's 'The Note Swap.'  Art that fits in an envelope.  Thanks to my friend, Greg, who posted a link to the Note Swap on his Facebook page, I decided to check it out and signed up for it.

You should also check out Greg's artwork.  He does incredible mixed media and collage work.  Find him at Greg Ephemera Trout.  I know my life is richer with him (and his art) in it.

I have become a vintage cookbook collector.  Remember, more than three of anything becomes a collection.  Don't ask me how many vintage cookbooks I've amassed over the past couple of years.  I especially love the ones from the 1950's and 60's.  The graphics and photos are great, as are some of the foods.  I like seeing how tastes have changed over the years, and to see what a hostess could have made for a cocktail party or Christmas dinner.  Some recipes stand up over time, others not so much.  French Endive Salad, yes...Turkey-Tomato Aspic Ring...doubtful.  I sometimes make note cards from the cookbooks, especially those that are in less than decent shape from time.  This is what my contribution for The Note Swap came to be:

My love of stag imagery included, I can only wonder if the lucky recipient of the Indian Tapioca Pudding recipe will actually attempt to make it.  Hmmmm...'Indian meal.'

Stop by for coffee later...the Luncheon Cake will be ready.

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  1. I love the illustrations from vintage cookbooks. I always look at them thinking they'd make an awesome tattoo.