Saturday, August 23, 2014

Wanna Swap?

I love Instagram.  Everyone can be a photographer (with varying degrees of talent).  There are a million posts of cats (I am extremely guilty of contributing to this), and there is no end to the food posts from bloggers and foodies alike (I am also guilty of contributing to this).  But...know what else I've discovered?  (Other than the shops people run on there.  I've bought more than my fair share of vintage kitchenware, linens, and jewelry over the past two years.)  I've discovered that there are an awful lot of great people on it.

AND it is through different groups of these great people that swaps are held!  Swaps--where you are partnered up, trade various bits of info about yourself, and go out and find something awesome for your partner.  I've done a vintage Secret Santa Christmas swap, a vintage planter swap, and a coffee mug swap (with a second mug swap happening soon!).  I also recently hosted my first cookbook swap!

I am sure it comes as no surprise that the love of cooking leads to the love of cookbooks.  I especially love vintage cookbooks.  Every once in a while, I like to pick a recipe from a vintage cookbook and see if it stands up to the hands of time.  I enjoy seeing food trends over the decades (aspic, fondue) and watch the progression (or decline) of food photography (like The Brown Period, as I call the 70s).  A post went onto Instagram, looking for people to sign up, and after about a week, I had nineteen people just as excited as I was to swap books.  Everyone received a short survey to help discern tastes and set the terms:  vintage and/or modern books accepted, extras okay, and keep it all under $20, folks!

And with that...'Cookbook Swap 2014' was underway.  Partners were partnered, surveys were surveyed, and the time limit to gather and send was set.  A couple of weeks later, the posts began to pop up.  Hashtagged #cookbookswap2014, swappers were showing off the contents of their #happymail packages that were being delivered.  Between the fun of picking out the 'just right' cooksbooks and kitchenalia, then watching the mailbox for your box of surprises, there's a feeling of being a kid on Christmas morning to it all.
The kicker?  As swappers were posting their pictures, even more people were asking about getting in on the swap, so it looks as though I'll be hosting another one in a month or so.  It will be the Fall/Pre-Holiday edition of 'Cookbook Swap 2014.'  Once again, I have to thank everyone who was a part of this.  The whole thing went off without a hitch, everyone came through, and everyone had a great time.  This just might turn into a regular occurrence.

What started it all...
A collage of the photos posted on Instagram.

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