Saturday, January 8, 2011

2011...what's ahead?

Don't you wish you could peer into the future and see what's ahead for the year?...sometimes I do, sometimes I don't...but I've been thinking about a couple of things I'd like to get around to this no particular order and nothing necessarily ground-breaking:

1.  Cook simple--I don't see myself as a fancy cook...I do like simple, rustic, just good food.  Maybe this year, I'll tweak with tastes, combinations...who know?'s fluid, nebulous and you'll see the results here

2.  Good knives--I had good knives that I left in my previous relationship.  I don't know why I did that.  Not a bright move.  But for Christmas, I received a Wusthof 6-in chef's knife and I'm embarrassed to tell you that it puts EVERY knife in my drawer to shame.  That they are even called 'knives' is an embarrassment to the mere definition.  I feel like King Arthur with Excalibur.  I'd like to add a sibling to my Excalibur.

3.  Baking and breaking bread--this is a continuing challenge for me.  The results have been okay, not bad, edible...but it's really a skill I want to hone.

4.  Better budgeting--I can spend a lot of money on groceries.  Sometimes I forget I'm cooking for one...on occasion, two...rarely for more.  I vowed to myself that this is the year to get my financial ass in order and be more frugal and responsible.  I can easily spend $50 on groceries for a two-week period and when you think about it, that's kind of crazy.  My Italian Pantry is stocked, hell, following the advice of a friend, it's time to rein it in.  I did my grocery shopping last night.  I spent $16...I need eggs...add $2 more before the end of the weekend.  Now I have to keep it up!

...not a bad start...

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