Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Thanks, Mom...

You know when you were growing up and every now and again you thought to yourself...'I'll NEVER do that when I'm older!' Right...okay...let's fast-forward a couple of decades...AND here we are...I remember when I was growing up my mom was always bringing home something new and exciting from the grocery cereal, new Kool-Aid flavour, whatever.....there it was....from pantry.

A product of good marketing.  I think if anything new jumped out at her, it fell into the cart.  Let me sheepishly raise my hand and admit to the same.  I Am A Product of Marketing.   It's even better if the item's on sale AND I have a coupon (Hallelujah! if there are double coupons).  I have to give it to Mom...she's done it the last care package (The Christmas Edition), tucked sweetly between the Ferrero Rocher and wedges of aged Asiago cheese...a box of know, the vaguely cardboard-ish Swedish flatbread....don't get me wrong...I love Wasa...but this was no ordinary was 'thin and crispy.' Nice!...and sesame...Score!

I had a jar of peanut butter and thin Wasa....a smooth swath of peanut butter on my crispy bread and I had a few minutes of peanut-y bliss and a VERY large glass of milk.  Now comes trouble...I usually eschew spendy crackers...(unless aforementioned coupon is in my possession).  Next time I find myself in the neighbourhood grocery store, I have to search out the cracker aisle and see if they carry my new discovery.  Let's hope it's on sale.

Thanks, Mom....maybe I can put in a request for the next care package....


  1. I, as well, fall victim to "new" as well! Mom taught us well.

  2. Wasa thins are a definite hit of hers... ;)