Saturday, March 19, 2011

Roaring in... a lion and out like a lamb...isn't that what they say about March?...tomorrow is the first day of Spring, and as if on cue, Los Angeles is due for some Spring showers...or a Spring storm...we'll see what comes...we had a little rain last night and this morning when I let Smokey out (the indoor-outdoor cat in my trio) I couldn't help but notice the rose bushes outside my door.  The gardeners mow them down to nothing and they come back with a fierceness and a profusion of blooms.  They were still covered with the overnight rain and I had to bring a couple in with me.  

I've been a little quiet lately...having spent the last two weeks dealing with some allergic reaction to something...not knowing the exact cause has been frustrating (though I think I pinned it down and have since thrown the offending item away).  It's not been pretty...angry red welts, rash and itching on my face, neck, ears, and arms.  I finally gave in and went to see a doctor the other night.  So after a shot of steroids and a take-home 6 day dose, it's finally alleviating.  I'm thrilled to pieces because I've not been a happy camper.  Withdrawn and wanting to scratch away in private.

'What does all that have to do with food?'  Yes...I see the thought bubble above your head.  Well...I haven't really been cooking.  One of my initial fears is that the allergy was due to some sudden food allergy, so I've been eating pretty bland stuff.  This is just my way of telling you that you can tell that I'm feeling better.  I stopped at the grocery store last night after work.  At my favourite store with the bruised produce section (because flaws are not acceptable for their clientele).  It's my secret source for lots of bananas for pennies...and no, I'm not telling.

So....long story short.  I bought a package of Roma tomatoes because they were inexpensive.  And not too bruised.  And I didn't have any tomatoes in the house.  It's Saturday morning...I work later this afternoon.  And I currently have a baking sheet of tomatoes roasting in the oven.  With no set idea on what to do with them.  But the house smells wonderful.  Tomatoes and herbs wafting about.  Yes....I'm feeling better.  MUCH better.

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