Saturday, August 13, 2011

Summer Staycation

Here we are.  Day 2 of my Summer Staycation.  After working 10 days without any time off in between, three of those days starting with a 3:30 a.m. wake-up call, and putting in a huge effort for a big project at the day job, to say that I was looking forward to my time off would be an understatement.  I started a countdown last week.

It's been fabulous so far.  I don't require a lot.  Day One started with breakfast in downtown L.A. with a dear friend.  Day Two actually got my ass back in the gym after only making it there once early in the week.  It also included a stop at the Salvation Army, where I scored a vintage 60's swing coat.  That coat is in near perfect condition and it costs me $5.40.  I also bought two creme brulee ramekins for .72c each.  They'll be perfect for photographing goodies.  I've been playing my Frank Sinatra station on Pandora all day, the breeze is blowing through the house, the day is gorgeous.

Lest you think the Staycation does not involve cooking, you are wrong.  Thursday night I made that amazing Cherry-Amaretto jam-syrup-chutney thingy that I made a few weeks ago (though this time with a mix of Rainier and Bing cherries), and yesterday I made ricotta...yes, again.  I fear that I am forever ruined and will never go back to store bought.  (Not that I have a problem with that!)  Smitten Kitchen's ricotta recipe is beyond amazing, with a 3:1 whole milk to heavy whipping cream ratio.  I tweak mine with lemon zest, which adds a nice zing to the creaminess.  I'm going to give a go at making Gjetost with the leftover whey.  Hell, maybe this will lead to a career as a cheesemonger.  Who knows?

Plenty more will be made this week, kids.  Stay tuned.

Ricotta and a whole lotta whey

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