Saturday, November 13, 2010

...a quickie... first next job will have weekends off so I can fully enjoy the gorgeous day that today is....sun's bright...the morning chill is fading...I've got a cup of coffee next to me...and I'd love to be walking through a farmers' market right about now... second thought...a friend back East just reminded me of fall, cider, and a general feeling of warmth...which leads me to think of apples..which takes me to wanting to make Jewish Apple mom used to make it when we were kids...I have the recipe...I've never tried it...I'm thinking it's time...

...thanks for the inspiration, Mike!

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  1. You are most welcome love. Wow, Jewish Apple Cake. I haven't had a good piece of that since my mother and her sisters forced my grandmother into "The Home". Question...why do Italian women make better Jewish apple cake than Jewish women? And with that being said, why don't we just rename it "Italian Apple Cake"?